We discovered this organic bakery at a wine tasting trade fair bringing together all the winemakers from the Rhône Valley.
All pieces of bread and other delicious dishes are made with 100% organic ingredients, without pesticides and synthetic chemicals.
Bella Ciao bakery asserts itself as a utopian bakery, and isn’t it a dope name for a bakery?
Looking to work bread with only local and organic products is really a successful bet in their case.
We were able to take a very nice snack for the road and return to Paris.

Bella Ciao Boulangerie Bio avignon

Bella Ciao : An organic bakery in the heart of Avignon

The bakery displays at the entrance its commitment to produce only breads and organic buns. Different panels in the shop show their commitment to the values of organic farming.

It is thanks to a Google search that we were able to discover this bakery which is nestled in the heart of the maze of medieval streets of the old city. And if you have the opportunity to pass in this street there is little chance that you miss it: the bright blue of the front is unmissable!

The values of the shop are written on a large blackboard that welcomes us. And it is with these words that the visitor is invited to discover the method of making bread from the Bella Ciao bakery:

Here we make natural leavened organic bread made from slow fermentation. We make sure to use only healthy products, respectful of life…

The breads are produced with flour without pesticides, without additives and without improvers and we are invited to eat differently and with consciousness by crossing the threshold of the shop.

Bella Ciao Boulangerie Bio avignon

Breads and tasty buns

Failing to have found pastries on the spot, we were able to opt for one of the specialities of the house.
A very nice brioche and fougasses with Nyons’ olives. And a piece of Homemade Pizza for the road. And we were not disappointed!
In addition to being made with organic products, everything we’ve tasted is definitely worth your time.
The fougasse is particularly good, the lightness of the crumb echoes the quality of olives used, fleshy and tasty. And the shares of Pizza were also very good, even eaten cold because reserved for later in the day.

A beautiful discovery!

Bella Ciao Boulangerie Bio avignon
Bella Ciao Boulangerie Bio avignon